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Release your imagination!

with the

DHS 109 Freestyle Scooter


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1.049,00 Lei
1.049,00 Lei
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Disc bara 10 kg
Code 527POP610KG
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Gantera vinyl 3 kg
Code 527VDB033
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Gantera vinyl 5 kg
Code 527VDB035
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Gantera vinyl 4 kg
Code 527VDB034
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Minge fotbal Mitre Vandis
Code 5275BB105WD6
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New Products

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Code SA 004
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Code 328BIKE2S
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Code 328CHELSEA7
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Code CLM 835
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Code 328D112200
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Code SA 230
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Code 328115144
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Code 328GRG046
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DHS1140V Mainboard
Code 12010370
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DHS3435E Flywheel
Code 1273435VO
67,00 Lei
About Us
Welcome to DHS Fitness, your fitness and sports online shop
Link Fit Sport is a part of the DHS group, a brand that has been present in Romania since 1999 and in Europe since 2003. Because we want to dedicate ourselves to each group of our clients, we decided to split our activity on each type of products in part, so the rebranded DHS Fitness division was born.

With the new DHS Fitness brand we do not just present another name, but another image, another quality, another vision and a new concept!

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Optional frame for ES-3000-OPT
Code ES 3000-OPT
2.160,00 Lei
5.900,00 Lei
Code IT 9501
9.900,00 Lei
Code C001ES
15.818,00 Lei
9.499,00 Lei
Treadmill DHS 9520
Code 327952060
4.534,99 Lei
Code 328115144
599,00 Lei
Code 328010930
385,00 Lei
Children/Adults Urban Scooter
Code 328018020
235,00 Lei
E-jack Electric Scooter
Code 328200220
1.449,00 Lei

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